Produce 101 Season 2

Who knew that I would be watching this show? I first watched the “Pick Me” of this season and was immediately turned off by it. All the guys in the video seemed similar to me and I couldn’t really see the difference in personality for each person. It just seemed a bit contrived to me. It was not until I had started watching the cover “Downpour” by IOI did I discover the world of Produce Season 2. I was immediately drawn towards Kim Jae-hwan, the main vocalist. However, as soon as I saw that he was safely in the top 11, I stopped worrying about his position.

Yesterday, I saw that Jin-hwan was rank 13 and got worried. I started watching all the Jae-hwan videos on the history of the web. I don’t know why, but I just started getting more attached and wanted him to win more badly. I feel like I haven’t been able to gauge the personality and backstory of a lot of the people on the show this season; it might be because I watched the show less closely this time around. His voice is so great that it would be such a waste to let him. I really want Jae-hwan to make it because not only does he have an amazing voice and amazing talent, he has been training for five years and is currently an independent trainee.



Currently Watching: My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

I wanted to start a “currently watching” series, one, because I almost never finish dramas these days, and two, because I feel like there isn’t enough drama content on here these days. So I’m currently on episode 27 of the weekend My Father is Strange. I think it’s supposed to be 50 episodes, so there is still a long way to go, but it’s surprisingly really good still. I started it during finals week and episodes are still airing. Not going to lie, it does get dull and around episodes 15-20, there are one or two subplots that watchers may gravitate too, so it’s difficult to try to sit through it all. However, watching the episodes as they come out makes it much easier to be on top of it, and you grow attached to all the characters and their conflicts. It’s very much a family-based story, so I feel like certain types of people would gravitate to different characters more than others. In my case, I liked the oldest sister’s subplot compared to the middle sister, parents, and older brother plots because I could relate to her attitude and problems more. But at this point, everyone’s problems are my problems now, and I feel like I’m a part of this super big, dysfunctional family. Currently, I’m only watching this one and Suspicious Partner, but the latter is getting really cheesy and slow, so I’m procrastinating on that one. I guess I should look for another one to watch soon.

I really want to watch Lookout, but it’s a really long drama, so that’s deterring me at the moment, maybe I’ll start it if I get really bored. Also excited for Age of Youth 2 because I really liked the original, and from what I’ve read so far, the story revolves around the same girls. The only thing I’m not too excited about is that Onew is set to be Han Seung-yeon’s boyfriend. A new Nam Joo-hyuk drama (Bride of the Water God 2017) is also coming out next month, which I’m super excited about. I really liked Nam Joo-hyuk ever since I saw him in School 2015, and I’m glad he’s being well-received because I really enjoy his acting.




You don’t realize what you have until you lose it, people always told me. But in a way, I never quite believed that. Every happy moment as a sad story to it. But I realized that even the most mundane thing–like being healthy–is so important to be grateful for.

Yesterday, I was walking outside to a building I was to work at. It was about a 15-minute walk, but I wasn’t feeling well, not to mention it was sweltering hot outside. I started to sweat a lot and feel dizzy, but I kept going. After a while though, I felt weak and thought I couldn’t breathe anymore. I was so scared I was going to pass out on the street, but I gathered the strength and perseverance I had learned from swimming and kept going on. When I miraculously arrived at the building on the seventh floor, I rushed to the bathroom, but I was too weak to support myself and kept bobbing up and down. At that moment I realized something as I was reading an ad on the bathroom door for a marathon training. I realized that some people must feel like this all the time, but unlike me, they probably never knew what it felt like to run around like everyone else. I finally went to my desk and put my drenched head down on my arm. I don’t ever want to forget this moment because it makes me grateful for what I have, and for all the pains I will never even begin to understand.




I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but ever since I was little, I was afraid of sleeping. Most people look to nighttime as a time of respite, but I fear it. I don’t even know what I fear, and because I’m afraid, I grow sad as the day goes along. Of course, I’m not a morning person either. I know this sounds ironic. But even I don’t know what the cause of this fear stems from. I always tell people that I saw a video of a child not waking up the next day, but I don’t think that’s quite it. I don’t think I’m going to not wake up the next day, even though I used to. I just get sad.

Even when I think of it, it seems ridiculous, but it truly makes me grateful for my college days. In college, I’m too tired to think, nevermind be afraid. I guess that’s one thing that I gain, despite the lack of sleep.

Currently watching the Chinese drama Surgeons; the plot is really well written and the actors really suit the characters.




Never posted this, but I thought that know that school has come to an end, it’s better now than never:

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve grown to laugh less in college, but when I laugh in college, I tend to remember it more. I guess I can be described as someone who looks for the fun aspect of life, even when it might not seem acceptable.

But I wanted to tell a story of what has been making me laugh recently. I’ve always, and still am, been intimidated by the people in my classes. Somehow everyone seems so be grasping material much faster than I, so I dread having to go to the discussion class where we have to work with others to finish a problem set. In this class, however, I got paired with a partner that, I discovered after the first problem set, was exponentially smarter than I could ever be. I dreaded every class, where I would be completely roasted by my one partner (the other person in the group stopped coming after the first time) by my not understanding of the subject. My lone partner, whom I’ve dubbed “tree”, figures problems out by looking at the question long enough. “How?” is the only question that goes through my head.

Today, tree dropped his graded homework paper on the floor and said “oh noo”, and for some reason, I laughed. It wasn’t the usual, annoying and loud laugh I conjure, but a quiet and calm laugh. I laughed because I was so shocked that someone so calm and so smart could have done something so simply wrong. And I, a person who always talked in a low voice in discussion groups, finally could relate, even if it was a little, to a person who was, seemingly, so different.



Summer Slump and Dramas

I feel like this happens not only when summer comes, but with any school break. I think this has been happening recently with me since college. Because I am being exerted to my limits in college, I feel like when, all of a sudden, I’m not obligated to go anything anymore, that I can just lay on my bed until 3pm and lounge around until I feel hungry. This sounds like such an ideal lifestyle–but honestly it makes you feel like crap. You’re perpetually hungry and tired and you don’t know what to do to not feel that way anymore.

One solution to this problem is to just squeeze out a little bit of time during your busy school/work life to find solutions to your problem (apply for a job, start a project, or sign up for a class), that way, when it really comes to that time, you’ll have something that you’ll have to do by then, but also get adequate rest.

I don’t know why, but television shows are always ten times better when you watch them during finals, or what you have other things on your plate. It creates this tension and makes you want to watch the next episode so much more. After the assignment or exam, I’m always less likely to continue watching for some reason. As you can guess, I did start a couple dramas during finals week because I was “bored”. As if.
I started with this new drama Ji Chang-wook is in (currently airing), called Suspicious Partner. If I watched this during any other time period, I think I would’ve definitely stopped after the first 15 minutes because the female lead was a bit obnoxious, but, for some reason, I kept watching. Because I was severely in need of more Ji Chang-wook (as only eight episodes of the drama were out during finals), I started watching another drama he was in, K2. I steered clear from this drama for a long time because I didn’t enjoy the female lead’s acting and thought that her role would be shallow, but I did end up watching a couple episodes of the drama before finals week ended, and after it did end, I returned to my senses.
However, in this time I also started a KBS weekend drama, My Father is Strange. It’s 50 episodes, so I would normally never attempt to even start it, but the cast looked quite promising, and I’ve fallen for characters that I wasn’t originally watching for, so it was quite a surprise. So far, only half the episodes have come out, but I don’t think I need to worry because the episodes are so long, and actually starting to drag out and get a little slow. My favorite character out of the entire family (it revolves around the life of one family) is Hye-jeong, a self-made lawyer who is cold, but pragmatic, and is the most successful out of her entire family. The rest of the family members struggle financially to find, and keep jobs. Where Hye-jeong’s struggle lies is that she meets her ex-boyfriend again after eight years. It doesn’t quite sound like a legitimate conflict, but trust me, it is.

Today is the day after we moved out of our freshman dorms. I never really get sad over leaving, because it just only means a new beginning, so it wasn’t too disappointing, but it was definitely a lot of effort carying everything and getting my life together. I had Melona today, and I’m about to go back to the appartment to go have some instant bibimbap!





Really Really Need New Music Recommendations (April 2017)

So Winner released their double title tracks in the month of April. I was initially really excited, but then the hype left quickly when the beat wasn’t catchy enough for me. Their songs, Really Really and Fool were good, but I found the style not as unique as their debut album, which I guess it hard to live up to. Even so, I feel like Winner could have been much more successful if they didn’t delay their comebacks so much. In the beginning of the month, Taeyeon also released the final single in her My Voice album, titled Make Me Love You. Not super “in love” with the song, and the music video isn’t too great either. I feel like Taeyeon is slowly losing her touch with slow ballads, or maybe she’s been given too many mediocre songs with little impact. I feel like because of this, recently IU’s songs have gotten a lot of attention. I really get an artist vibe from her recently because of the investment she puts in all of her songs in the album. You can feel the internal struggle she feels as not only a celebrity, but a person, in every one of her songs, and they mesmerize you. Each song has its own character, but at the root of it is very much of a laid back, truly IU feel. In the K-pop industry today, I feel like there has been a lack of connection between the singer and the song. I know a lot of great singers in the world don’t write their own songs, but when they do, it has a greater impact on the listener, as we are able to further connect in the minds of the singers. At first I didn’t really like Night Letter or Only I Didn’t Know, but they slowly grew on me and I can feel IU’s sincerity in every line.

Not super impressed with the music this month, but IU will have to do for now. Next month is GD and TWICE, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Throwback song of the month: Sejeong’s Flower Road.

Until next time,



March Music Favorites

This month was a bit disappointing, but that’s okay because I feel like April will be a good one. The beginning of the month started pretty strong with:

Fingertip by Gfriend. I initially really liked the concept, but then the song got more and more annoying to listen to. It’s not as fresh as their previous songs.

A Girl Like Me by Gugudan. I really liked this song when I first heard it, and E.motion even got first place on the official group cover contest!

I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Aliee. I’m still listening to this one, and it seems like most of Korea is too as well.

Fox by Joy. I also really enjoyed I’m Okay, which featured actor Lee Hyun-woo, who is her co-star in the drama Lovely Love Lie. Currently my favorite airing drama.

-Recently I was watching Unnies Season 2, and I’ve been listening to Hong Jin-young’s songs again. Reading the lyrics to them give her songs so much meaning and listening to her backstory makes her a much more relatable person.

I actually lost the list I wrote for this month was completely erased on accident, so I don’t really have a comprehensive list.

It’s Spring Break and I don’t know how I’m still not done with Full House, a drama I started in the beginning of the week. It’s not like I did a lot of other things either…where did the time go..



I’ve become scared

I think I realized that hanging out with people who are so different from who you are is that I’ve gotten more scared of doing things. Things I usually wouldn’t hesitate to do, I know hesitate. I wonder, will people judge me? Sometimes I just do it before I get the chance to think about it, so that by the time I think about it, I’ve already done it. I’ve never been the kind of person that did things to get recognition from others, I mainly did things that I thought was the right thing for myself, which tended to align with what society thought was appropriate in a way. I think it’s important to challenge yourself, but what happens when you are not forced to do anything anymore. It scares me more than having a busy schedule.

Maybe everyone is just always conscious of themselves, but my mind has been in dramaland for so long that I forgot about the real world.

I haven’t written something legitimate for so long that it’s hard to come up with content to write about, even if it’s just my thoughts.

Late Night Posts

It’s a bit past 4am where I am right now and I feel anything but sleepy. March is coming to a close, and soon we will be welcoming back the bugs that came along with the warmer weather. I feel kind of sad, but mostly glad, that the temperature is finally returning and that school is coming to an end. I guess the thing I like best about blogging is that the purpose of each post is as much as you make it. I like how I have free reign over what I’m writing, how I’m able to control the words on the page and freely post this on a platform where anyone with the website title can read. This month has been a handful: super busy, but somehow keeping everything in check. College really matures you and makes you think in a different perspective and sometimes I wonder if I would be any different if I didn’t experience the things that I did in college. I wonder if I would be more willing to take risks and less afraid of what other people thought of me. College really makes you aware and self-conscious; it’s like that first time you come out of the cozy shell you’ve called home for the past 18 or so years, and faced living life straight on, with no support or help.

I don’t even know what I’m writing about…just a rant in the midst of exams, problem sets, and a heap of other stuff.