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I will try to update these to the best of my ability. Drama reviews are listed in chronological order of when I finished them; I only list the dramas I’ve completed. To find a specific title press control+f (or command+f for Mac) and type the English or Korean name for the short review. It is occasionally edited based on my feelings. Thanks for reading!

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These will be rated on a scale from 1-10. Similar to the reviews on dramabeans.com, the first number is determined by how I thought of it while the second number is determined by how good objectively the drama was (there is a difference).

  1. Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 (8/5) – Honestly this drama wasn’t super great, with all of the cliches and the filler that just made the story longer. The content, in general, wasn’t great, but I am slightly biased towards this drama, being my first drama and pathway for other dramas. After attempting to rewatch this drama more than once, I will admit that it is quite difficult to stomach (cringe level 10/10).
  2. Personal Taste 개인의 취향 (9/7) Definitely a better drama overall compared to Boys Over Flowers. Really enjoyed how the plot progressed accordingly. Probably worth a rewatch.
  3. You’re Beautiful 미남이시네요 (9/6.5) – Really liked this drama at the time, but I don’t think I could make myself rewatch it and make myself believe that Park Shin-hye could pass as a guy.
  4. City Hunter 시티헌터 (9.5/10) – The first episode was pretty boring, which could deter some people. But the remaining episodes will keep you on the edge of your seat. So epic! The chemistry between the leads were so strong as well (and they even dated in real life).
  5. Flower Boy Next Door 이웃집 꽃미남 (9/6.5) – For some reason I really liked this drama the first time watching it. I remember trying to rewatch it, but it was a bit slow. I could relate to the feelings the female lead felt as a lady that stayed home all the time (eg. me at home).
  6. Flower Boy Ramen Shop 꽃미남 라면가게  (9/8) – I think I liked this drama more than I should’ve, but I generally thought Flower Boy Next Door was slightly better. However, after watching a bit of both dramas again, I will have to say that objectively this one is better. Jung Il-woo is not just good looking, but sooo charismatic here. I still remember his character’s name. Cha Chi-soo. Maybe it’s because it was said so many times in the drama.
  7. Heartstrings 넌 내게 반했어 (8/7) – Thought this one was not bad, but looking back, Yong-hwa’s acting was pretty bad. He didn’t really make many expressions, even though he did play the arrogant guitar player guy. And omg I’m just thinking about this. The last kiss was sooo awkward. Anyway, moving on.
  8. Goong 궁 (7.5/7) – This drama started off pretty well. I liked the premise in the beginning, but towards the middle it became super laggy (like a real sageuk–the reason why I don’t watch sageuks unless there is a modern twist, and even then…). However, I still enjoyed it and unknowingly kept pressing the button for the next episode.
  9. Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스 (7.5/4) – I think I liked the idea of this drama. But it seemed to me that the girl lacked a bit of common sense at times, making this drama a pain in the butt. Posted a more throughout review the second time I watched it (can’t believe I did): Playful Kiss: Review.
  10. Queen In Hyun’s Man 인현왕후의 남자 (9.5/8.5) – Definitely in the top 5 dramas I’ve watched so far. I think the actors were well matched and even though there were many plot holes, the leads made up for it. I think this is the first drama I finished in one weekend during school, haha.
  11. Mah Boy 마보이 (7.5/7) – I loved the lead actress from her child roles in other dramas so I gave this drama a try. It’s a lighthearted, cute, and short drama. Worth it for the short amount of time it lasted.
  12. Heirs 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들 (2/3) – I think I reviewed this drama because I disliked it so much. There was wayyy too much hype behind it and I think that’s the reason why I didn’t like it. I remember I was hyped for this drama half a year before it came out…and it was all in vain. I was on a social media site the other day and suddenly realized..it has been three years since this drama aired! And yet this drama is forever etched in my head as the worse drama I’ve ever seen. Although the actors were good actors, the plot was shallow, and every scene felt superficial. It was basically a fashion show of actors. I gave it a positive number rating because of the hype and also Min-hyuk.
  13. Shining Inheritance 찬란한 유산 (6.5/7.5) – This drama wasn’t bad at first, but slowly worsened as it kept dragging out the main plot points. It turns out that this drama had higher ratings than Boys Over Flowers, a drama that aired the same year. I really liked Lee Seung-gi after this and realized how important is it to have a good character- it makes you prettier on the outside as well. Random piece of advice that could have been twisted by the fact that the female lead was actually really pretty to begin with. Update: I went to the store in Korea where this was filmed! It was so cool.
  14. 49 Days 49일 (8/7) – Really liked the premise of this drama. Makes the tears fall. Less lovey-dovey, more sad.
  15. I Can Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려 (9.5/9.5) – I really liked this one because of the male lead, but I also liked how the female lead has a mind of her own. The plot was quite riveting and it never lost my attention. Also, this drama is probably on my top five favorite dramas list. Currently rewatching [1/2/18].
  16. My Love From Another Star 별에서 온 그대 (10/9.5) – In the beginning this drama, I was hooked on the plot, because I didn’t like, or recognize, any actor in particular (I know, I should be ashamed). I think it’s because the actors were very cautious of their characters and the plot was refreshing in the sense that the drama was something the world has never seen before. (When I rewatched it, I finished it in one night hehe).
  17. Bride of the Century 백년의 신부 (9/7) – I thought this drama had really good chemistry between the main leads, but it wasn’t super memorable plot-wise. I forgot a lot of the stuff in the middle, but it’s the scary-cuteness that makes up for it.
  18. The Master’s Sun 주군의 태양 (10/10) – In my opinion, this is probably the best storyline any writer could have fathomed. Definitely #1 at the moment and on the short list of dramas I recommend to everyone. However, even though I like it very much, some people seem to not like it as much; it is centered around ghosts so it can get slightly dark. Somehow I love the lead actors in this drama, but I don’t like them as much in the other dramas they’re in, which is strange. I’m currently rewatching it right now hehe (for the third time). This is the review I wrote after watching it all the way through for the third time: Why I Love The Master’s Sun. I swear this drama gives me different feels every time.
  19. School 2013 학교 2013 (7/7) – This drama was made to continue the “School” series and mainly centered around the bromance between characters, actors Kim Woo-bin and Lee Jong-suk, played. Although it was interesting in the beginning and middle, the fact that it was centered around the bromance alone made it a bit dull in the end.
  20. Reply 1997 응답하라 1997 (10/8.5) – Loved this drama when I first watched it, and it really defined the person I am today, really. I loved the atmosphere of the drama and the fact that Sung Shi-won doesn’t care what others think about her when doing what her heart desires.
  21. Doctor Stranger 닥터 이방인 (5/4) – Started off well, but due to how other people viewed the drama, the plot went a different way every episode.
  22. Cunning Single Lady 앙큼한 돌싱녀 (3/3) – Didn’t like the male or female leads in the drama. Didn’t know why I bothered to watch. I guess it was interesting in a way since the lady divorced her husband but then the husband became rich. Sort of funny. Also annoying towards the end.
  23. Trot Lovers 트로트의 연인 (9/8) – I think I’m a little biased because I love the main actress, but I loved the singing in this drama and how the main actress discovered herself throughout the course of the drama. Don’t remember this drama being too popular internationally or in Korea.
  24. My Secret Hotel 마이 시크릿 호텔 (7/5) – Too much hype, not enough delivery. In the end, the drama pushed the second lead too much and then the rest was a long, slow, mess.
  25. Hi School Love On 하이스쿨: 러브온 (8/6) – Watched this drama mainly because of INFINITE’s Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol, but ended up being a cute and light drama. I was actually a bit addicted in the middle of it.
  26. Pinocchio 피노키오 (7.5/8) – Really anticipated this drama, but disappointed in some aspects. Also started to like Park Shin-hye less (decided to give her a second chance after Heirs). The whole drama was basically the same thing over and over. Basically showed how corrupt the media could be (is?) and how that leaves a horrible impression on the public forever.
  27. Mr. Baek 미스터 백 (2/3) – Found this drama long, drawn-out, and boring. Originally only watched for Lee Joon. Update: not even sure why I watched.
  28. You’re All Surrounded 너희들은 포위됐다 (7.5/7) – Liked Go A-ra in this drama a lot. However, felt that her relationship with Lee Seung-gi was a bit awkward. The kiss scenes were also awkward.
  29. That Winter, The Winter Blows 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 (9/8) – When I was watching it, I really liked how the characters developed, but thinking back, there were just a lot of sad moments. It was frustrating in the best way.
  30. Falling For Innocence 순정에 반하다 (9/8) – Again, loved this one! I guess this would fall in the list of top dramas that I enjoyed. I really liked seeing how the male lead developed through the drama as he got a heart transplant and is more understanding of the female lead.
  31. Exo Next Door 우리 옆집에 엑소가 산다 (9/6) – Super cute web-series drama that made me wish that I could live next to EXO.
  32. Divorce Lawyers in Love 이혼변호사는 연애중 (9/7) – I liked the plot and the male lead, how he was originally the subordinate of the female lead, but in a twist of events, became the senior. [Rewatched 1/6/19]
  33. School 2015: Who Are You 후아유: 학교 2015 (7.5/6) – I really liked this drama at first (liked the lead actors), but the ending was really disappointing. Could have easily been one of the favorites if it just tried to make a happier ending for all of the characters.
  34. Can We Get Married? 우리가 결혼할 수 있을까 (7/5) – Since I had good memories of the drama Playful Kiss, I had high hopes for this drama, since the female lead role seemed to at least have some sense. Update: don’t really like the female lead as much anymore.
  35. We Broke Up 우리 헤어졌어요 (7/5) – This YG web-drama wasn’t necessarily terrible, but it was sort of predictable. Still a good watch though.
  36. I Remember You 너를 기억해 (6/6) – I honestly forgot what this drama was even about before looking it up. I can’t believe Park Bo-gum and Seo In-guk were in it, but the drama still wasn’t successful. It also gave me a bad impression of Park Bo-gum, because he played a psychopathic younger brother. I liked the beginning because Seo In-guk’s character was really good at figuring things out, but it got slower from there. Huh, turns out that I wrote a post on this: I Remember You.
  37. Innocent Man 세상 어디에도 없는 착한 남자 (7/7) – Had relatively high hopes for this drama because of a recommendation, but turns out to be a drama filled with angst. The male lead couldn’t get over the girl who betrayed him time and time again and the female lead was too hung over the male lead. In the end, both leads have bipolar syndrome it seems and every cliche is thrown into the pit fire. However, a good watch for eye-candy. Taremin had a very different opinion about this drama and you can read about it here: Drama Review: Innocent Man (Nice Guy).
  38. Oh My Ghostess 오 나의 귀신님 (9/7.5) – Loved this drama for all its plot holes and unreasonable occurrences. Loved the Soon-ae scenes a bit too much.
  39. Twenty Again 두번째 스무살 (5/5) – At first, I felt really bad for the female lead for having a sucky life, but then she became really annoying; somehow managed to watch through the whole thing.
  40. Sassy Go Go 발칙하게 고고 (9.5/8) – Love the female actress of this drama (once again, Jung Eun-ji from Apink)! She really knows hows how to stand up for herself and those she cares about. I loved every episode of this drama. Wrote a post on this one: Sassy Go Go Review.
  41. D-Day 디데이 (6/6.5) – Thought this drama started off really well, with the dramatic earthquake, but the entire drama was centered on the earthquake, which was kind of boring after 15 hours.
  42. Start Love (6/3) – Honestly forgot about this web-drama, but it’s cute. Moonbyul from Mamamoo is in it and it’s a bit awkward, but short and lighthearted.
  43. Never Die 그녀는 200살 (8/7) – Another web-drama with a 4Minute member. Thought this one was actually a good one; the actress seemed like a real actress instead of a singer. Update: 4minute disbanded. TT.
  44. Splash Splash Love 퐁당퐁당 (10/10) – LOVED this one! I still remember when I watched it (the spring of my senior year) because it made me so happy when I wasn’t feeling well. I wish the actress got more roles in dramas (she was in Oh My Ghostess which I really enjoyed as well) because she’s so lively and funny.
  45. High End Crush 고품격 짝사랑 (6.5/4) – Just watched for the male lead; wasn’t great, and the female actress showed almost no emotion.
  46. Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예 (8.8/7.5) – I think the leads really held this drama together. I usually only give half-point ratings, but I had to give this drama a special rating of 8.8 because the hype was actually worth some of the wait. I was so excited for this drama and every scene excited me as I waited for the next to play. In the beginning, I also recapped almost every episode, and somewhere on Google Drive I have a scene-by-scene reaction to every scene of every episode. Probably will be the only drama that I memorize all (most..) the OST lyrics to, so it remains special in my heart.
  47. Page Turner 페이지 터너 (9/8) – Really enjoyed this short drama! Even wrote a super entertaining first episode review (so less spoiler-ific) on this one: Page Turner 페이지 터너: Episode 1 Review.
  48. The Entertainer 딴따라 (5/5.5) – Had a lot of hope for this one, but Hye-ri just got annoying and she was wayyy too overprotective.
  49. Choco Bank 초코 뱅크 (8.5/7) – This short drama surprised me in a good way. I didn’t expect Kai from EXO (male lead) to be so charismatic. Also liked the female actress a lot. The only regret I have for this drama is that it was too short!
  50. Operation Proposal 프러포즈 대작전 (7/5) – I liked this drama more than I expected, even though the male lead kept making annoying mistakes and had to constantly go past into the past to correct them. Probably woud not rewatch it though (she was the same actress from Choco Bank).
  51. Bong Soon 봉순 (6/4) – Short web-drama made by SM Entertainment. It had an okay plot (about a robot woman that falls in love), but not too riveting. Got a bit boring towards the end.
  52. Marriage, Not Dating 연애 말고 결혼 (3/4) – This drama really had a strong start with the leads. I later just got annoyed by the female lead and how much she wavered. She also drank every single day and was very careless and dirty; somehow I just couldn’t see how the main leads were meant to be together after the episodes progressed. Very frustrated with how things progressed.
  53. Ghost 유령 (5/4) – Drama with So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee (actress from SM); the plot was interesting at first, but then it just became a never-ending fight to find the perpetrator. Also, nothing really happened between the leads, it was just really flat.
  54. Cheese in the Trap 치즈인더트랩  (7/6) – This drama had really good potential in the beginning. I felt like I could really relate to the female actress. Especially during the group project, my heart ached with her. However, the drama crumbled upon itself in the end and tossed our feels around like pieces of confetti. Also somehow managed to finally write this up: Cheese in the Trap Final Review.
  55. Thumping Spike 두근두근 스파이크 (10/8) – This web-series went wayyy beyond my expectations. I wasn’t going to watch it because I didn’t recognize the main actors, but it turned out to be a good one. Thumping Spike Thoughts.
  56. Police Force 38 38사기동대 (6/6) – Watched for Sooyoung and Seo In-guk, but turned out to be a disappointment for both characters. It was supposed to be a drama where a member of the police force joins forces with swindlers to collect tax revenue from the rich who have evaded paying taxes for awhile. The concept is good, but the plot dragged on for too long and didn’t focus on Sooyoung as much.
  57. Age of Youth 청춘시대 (10/9) –  Loved this one! I reviewed this drama in the post: Trying to find something as good as DotS…and mildly failing in that department. I talk about the drama in the third paragraph. Really love the interaction between the characters in this one. Would rewatch!
  58. Another Oh Haeyoung 또! 오해영 (9.5/9.5) – I really liked this drama, and it was quite popular with Korean audiences as well. I liked that the lead ended up with someone so different from her. Unlike most dramas, instead of building the perfect female actress, they gave the character a life ridden with flaws. Through this drama, we realize that no one is perfect, even those who may appear that way to others. The first drama that I finished in college! whoop whoop! I should’ve socialized instead of watching this though…
  59. Ex-Girlfriend Club 구여친클럽 (7.5/6) – This drama was quite interesting and actually pretty addicting in the beginning. Of course, in the end, it got dragged out a bit too much. The second (out of two) drama I finished in my first semester!
  60. 7 First Kisses 첫키스만 일곱번째 (10/6) – Delusional in the best way.
  61. W 더블유 (7/7) – Started off strong, but the story in a story idea started to get old really fast. Even though I liked the actors, I felt like the writer ran out of ideas early on.
  62. Cinderella and the Four Knights 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사 (5/5) – This drama was super excessive. It had a good first week (first two episodes), but became more and more unrealistic and cringey to the point that I couldn’t continue. But I did.
  63. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 역도요정 김복주 (10/9) – I had forgotten why I liked dramas until I watched this. It was super cute, each episode left me hooked and deprived until the next. Only good things to say about this one. The only sad result from this drama is that Nam Joo-hyuk is taken now.
  64. Thumping Spike 2 두근두근 스파이크 2 (7/5) – At first, from the trailer, the premise seemed interesting, but don’t be fooled. This short drama is not as good as its predecessor (which I watched awhile ago). However, still a fun, light-hearted drama.
  65. Go Ho’s Starry Night 고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 (3/3) – Did I even finish this one? I guess I must’ve if it’s on this list. This is a short drama, but it took me so long to finish for some reason. The main lead can’t decide for herself, making it frustrating for the guys, and the audience. Update: [5/25/2017] currently in a drama slump. I haven’t finished a full drama in months for some reason.
  66. My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해 (8/9) – This drama is the longest drama I’ve watched so far (52 episodes), and the first drama that officially brought me into the world of weekend dramas (currently watching its sucessor, My Golden Life). The only other type of drama I definitely cannot get through are historical dramas (or as they are refered to at times, sageuks); maybe I’ll eventually get into them… Click here to see a post I wrote about the drama as it was airing (oh the good old days when Onew wasn’t hated on by his fans and I liked Nam Joo-hyuk). It took me the entire summer and fall semester to finish (started this drama during finals week of my second semester of college).
  67. Queen of the Ring 반지의 여왕 (6.5/5) – This was another short drama (6 episodes) that I watched after finding out that the lead actress was Kim Seul-gi (from Oh My Ghostess). But the drama failed to click with me, and although it was cute, maybe it was due to the fact that the male lead (Ahn Hyeong-sub) just didn’t seem realistic. He only likes “pretty girls”, but the premise is that he’s supposed to fall in love with this short, “ugly” girl. Um…Still cute, though.
  68. Bride of the Water God 하백의 신부 (6.5/6) – This drama had a pretty good beginning, but it was dragged out for too long and I got tired of the scenes that seemed super repetitive. I had high hopes for both of the actors as well as the plot, so the latter half of the show disappointed me a bit and took me awhile to finish.
  69. Fight My Way 마이웨이 (8/7.5) – I started this drama because a friend recommended it to me when it first aired. I gave it a couple episodes, but it just didn’t draw me in; I didn’t find the leads charming enough to continue. But one way I decided to just continue watching, and over time, the characters slowly grew on me and I understood why the did the things that they did. [1/19/18]

  70. Temperature of Love 사랑의 온도 (7/7) – I really enjoyed the beginning of this drama when I first watched it. I was having a difficult time at school, and the realistic aspect of the drama healed my soul a bit. Somewhere halfway through the drama started to lose its steam and got frustrating. I felt frustrated at the female lead for leading the second lead on a path that he didn’t need to take. I also didn’t like how the female lead acted like she could control everything. Although the beginning is worth watching, the end is a bit difficult to finish up. These days it feels like I’m watching a lot of shows that I have a hard time finishing up. [1/19/18]

  71. Full House 풀하우스 (6/6) – I wanted to watch a classic drama, so I had decided to watch this 2004 drama to see some aspects of a classic Korean drama. I think I started this drama sometime my freshman year of college, but I just recently picked it up over winter break and just finished this first week back at school. Anyway, I thought the plot was quite predictable, and I can definitely feel that they dragged things on for too long. Because of that, the ending felt rushed and unnatural. I love how a lot of Korean dramas, similar to this one, have the aspect of the two leads that meet by luck and fate. Definitely a slow one, but it was still a good watch. [1/27/18]
  72. I’m Not a Robot 로봇이 아니야 (9/7) – I felt like this was exactly the drama I was waiting for, but somehow just didn’t get popular with the public. Even though it didn’t seem believable in all aspects, it was cute enough for me to want to believe that it was. I’ve always liked the lead actors, Yoo Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin, but this drama made me like them even more. The fate that brought these two characters together, it didn’t seem too forced and I thought they acted well together: a young inventor/entrepreneur and an isolated financial director of a large company. [1/27/18]
  73. My Golden Life 황금비 내인생 (9.5/9) – This was the first drama I really got into during winter break and it had me heartbroken and depressed 80% of the time, but I think that’s what made me hooked and continue watching. The acting was on point, the leads were great, the side characters were great. Even though it depicts something that could not possibly happen in real life, it makes it seem very realistic and heartbreaking. I actually loved this drama so much that I wrote a really long post about it and also made a website as a school project (https://limitless-escarpment-61005.herokuapp.com/). I never really thought I would like weekend dramas this much until this show.
  74. Deserving of the Name 명불허전 (8.5/8) –  A pretty addicting drama in the beginning (watched 11 episodes in one day), but as with all dramas, started to slow down towards the end. Pretty solid time traveling show and learned a bit on history.
  75. Lawless Lawyers 무법변호사 (9/9) – Solid drama, good plot, kept you thinking, good looking leads. [7/1/18]

  76. Goblin 도깨비 (10/9.5) – A super solid drama that got me wondering why I didn’t start this earlier. I was bored from the first episode when it first aired at the beginning of 2017, but it just gets better and better, with each episode more mysteries of the past are revealed. I think that the quality of this drama is definitely unparalleled. Even though I wasn’t exactly a fan of the main couple, I can definitely say that I loved all the characters and all the interactions between all the characters. I lived for the bromance and I especially loved the Grim Reaper’s story (my favorite episode was episode 13, when the Grim Reaper remembers his past). I definitely have 깨비후유증 or Goblin withdrawal. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Such quality of acting, filming, and writing. [7/2/18]
  77. Miss Hammurabi 미스 함무라비 (8/8) – This drama wasn’t one that captured my attention straight from the beginning, but I enjoyed the various cases in the drama. I liked learning about different court cases and just watching them unfold, without worrying about much else in the drama. The female lead was a little much at times, but I think it was also because of her character that made this drama worth watching and tearing up over. Also, an actual Korean judge wrote the script for this drama, making it more realistic than most law dramas. [7/22/18]
  78. Handsome Man and Jung Eum 훈남정음 (7.5/7) – I started this drama with low expectations, but it actually exceeded my expectations in the beginning. Towards the middle and the end, it stopped having a purpose and was strictly romance. [7/26/18]

  79. Are You Human Too? 너도 인간이니? (10/9.5) – I really enjoyed this drama; every single episode until episode 15, where the plot started to confuse me and divert unexpectantly in seemingly random directions. It always moved in different directions and you never knew what to expect next, which made it interesting. This was definitely my favorite drama this summer (2018) and kept me from being a little too lonely. The leads are both so aesthetically pleasing too. [8/7/18]

  80. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? 김비서가 그럴까? (8/8) –This drama was pretty good up to episode 5, where the drama that surrounded Secretary Kim quitted sort of ended. It was extremely popular though, so I continued to watch it, and ended up liking the side couples better. [8/8/18]

  81. Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2 (10/8.5) – I finished this drama the day before school began. I really enjoyed this drama, reminds me of school and it made me imagine what it would be like for me to go to university in Korea. In the end, it was a little bittersweet, but I liked this second season of this ‘Age of Youth’ series. [8/22/18]
  82. Black Knight 흑기사 (7/8) – It was pretty good in the beginning, but then began to slow down. In the end, a lot of things began to happen that just didn’t really make sense. But don’t get me wrong, it was a really interesting concept in the beginning! [8/23/18]
  83. Your Honor 친애하는 판사남께 (10/9) – Probably one of the few dramas that was good until its last moments. The beginning was interesting, and every moment was good. [9/23/18]

  84. The Third Charm 제3의 매력 (9/6.5) – In the beginning, I had high hopes for this show. It was fun to watch when the couple met for the first two times, but the third time felt a little too forced and awkward timing. I liked it because of Seo Kang-joon, but overall it wasn’t a strong drama. [11/18/18]
  85. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 내 아이디는 강남미인 (9/9) – I was hesitant to watch at first, but the show was so addicting and cute. In the end, it had a good message. [11/21/18]
  86. Judge vs. Judge 이판, 사판 (10/8.5) – The first drama I finished over this winter break! I was in a bit of a drama slump due to a lack of good non-cable dramas, but this drama was really my type of show. It was surrounding a really dark and sad story, but I enjoyed the fights in the courthouse and the murder suspense story. I’m currently rewatching Divorce Lawyer in Love again because of the male lead. [12/29/18]