Memorable Posts

This is a space where I will just post some links to some of my favorite posts as time goes by. Will be updated once in a while.

xoxo, dramaqueensoph


Long posts:

I’ve actually ignored this page for awhile, because I didn’t really find a post I thought worthy of posting in this category, but I recently wrote a post on My Golden Life that expresses how I felt about the show. Although it was basically word throw-up, I felt like I conveyed all the feelings I had for the show in this post: My Golden Life Episodes 1-38: Review and Thought


Note to future mes:

2017 me: Soapbox rant about life at the moment

2016 me: Note to Future Self



What to do after a cliffhanger

Weightlifting Fairy: Almost Over



Why all K-dramas are the same…and why we still watch them

Hiatus, Hiatus, Hiatus

I realized I only write when I feel lazy: Motivation, Tumblr, Reply 2014

My lame K-drama excuses(?): Why do people stop watching Kdramas?What to do when you are watching too many Kdramas at once, and why I had a KDrama Slump. Man, I was weird back then.

This short, cute drama: Thumping Spike Thoughts

Fetus drama addict: My Crappy Day

My very first review: Boys Over Flowers

What started it all (my very first post upon discovering Korean dramas): My Strange Addiction




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