Never posted this, but I thought that know that school has come to an end, it’s better now than never:

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve grown to laugh less in college, but when I laugh in college, I tend to remember it more. I guess I can be described as someone who looks for the fun aspect of life, even when it might not seem acceptable.

But I wanted to tell a story of what has been making me laugh recently. I’ve always, and still am, been intimidated by the people in my classes. Somehow everyone seems so be grasping material much faster than I, so I dread having to go to the discussion class where we have to work with others to finish a problem set. In this class, however, I got paired with a partner that, I discovered after the first problem set, was exponentially smarter than I could ever be. I dreaded every class, where I would be completely roasted by my one partner (the other person in the group stopped coming after the first time) by my not understanding of the subject. My lone partner, whom I’ve dubbed “tree”, figures problems out by looking at the question long enough. “How?” is the only question that goes through my head.

Today, tree dropped his graded homework paper on the floor and said “oh noo”, and for some reason, I laughed. It wasn’t the usual, annoying and loud laugh I conjure, but a quiet and calm laugh. I laughed because I was so shocked that someone so calm and so smart could have done something so simply wrong. And I, a person who always talked in a low voice in discussion groups, finally could relate, even if it was a little, to a person who was, seemingly, so different.




Summer Slump and Dramas

I feel like this happens not only when summer comes, but with any school break. I think this has been happening recently with me since college. Because I am being exerted to my limits in college, I feel like when, all of a sudden, I’m not obligated to go anything anymore, that I can just lay on my bed until 3pm and lounge around until I feel hungry. This sounds like such an ideal lifestyle–but honestly it makes you feel like crap. You’re perpetually hungry and tired and you don’t know what to do to not feel that way anymore.

One solution to this problem is to just squeeze out a little bit of time during your busy school/work life to find solutions to your problem (apply for a job, start a project, or sign up for a class), that way, when it really comes to that time, you’ll have something that you’ll have to do by then, but also get adequate rest.

I don’t know why, but television shows are always ten times better when you watch them during finals, or what you have other things on your plate. It creates this tension and makes you want to watch the next episode so much more. After the assignment or exam, I’m always less likely to continue watching for some reason. As you can guess, I did start a couple dramas during finals week because I was “bored”. As if.
I started with this new drama Ji Chang-wook is in (currently airing), called Suspicious Partner. If I watched this during any other time period, I think I would’ve definitely stopped after the first 15 minutes because the female lead was a bit obnoxious, but, for some reason, I kept watching. Because I was severely in need of more Ji Chang-wook (as only eight episodes of the drama were out during finals), I started watching another drama he was in, K2. I steered clear from this drama for a long time because I didn’t enjoy the female lead’s acting and thought that her role would be shallow, but I did end up watching a couple episodes of the drama before finals week ended, and after it did end, I returned to my senses.
However, in this time I also started a KBS weekend drama, My Father is Strange. It’s 50 episodes, so I would normally never attempt to even start it, but the cast looked quite promising, and I’ve fallen for characters that I wasn’t originally watching for, so it was quite a surprise. So far, only half the episodes have come out, but I don’t think I need to worry because the episodes are so long, and actually starting to drag out and get a little slow. My favorite character out of the entire family (it revolves around the life of one family) is Hye-jeong, a self-made lawyer who is cold, but pragmatic, and is the most successful out of her entire family. The rest of the family members struggle financially to find, and keep jobs. Where Hye-jeong’s struggle lies is that she meets her ex-boyfriend again after eight years. It doesn’t quite sound like a legitimate conflict, but trust me, it is.

Today is the day after we moved out of our freshman dorms. I never really get sad over leaving, because it just only means a new beginning, so it wasn’t too disappointing, but it was definitely a lot of effort carying everything and getting my life together. I had Melona today, and I’m about to go back to the appartment to go have some instant bibimbap!





Really Really Need New Music Recommendations (April 2017)

So Winner released their double title tracks in the month of April. I was initially really excited, but then the hype left quickly when the beat wasn’t catchy enough for me. Their songs, Really Really and Fool were good, but I found the style not as unique as their debut album, which I guess it hard to live up to. Even so, I feel like Winner could have been much more successful if they didn’t delay their comebacks so much. In the beginning of the month, Taeyeon also released the final single in her My Voice album, titled Make Me Love You. Not super “in love” with the song, and the music video isn’t too great either. I feel like Taeyeon is slowly losing her touch with slow ballads, or maybe she’s been given too many mediocre songs with little impact. I feel like because of this, recently IU’s songs have gotten a lot of attention. I really get an artist vibe from her recently because of the investment she puts in all of her songs in the album. You can feel the internal struggle she feels as not only a celebrity, but a person, in every one of her songs, and they mesmerize you. Each song has its own character, but at the root of it is very much of a laid back, truly IU feel. In the K-pop industry today, I feel like there has been a lack of connection between the singer and the song. I know a lot of great singers in the world don’t write their own songs, but when they do, it has a greater impact on the listener, as we are able to further connect in the minds of the singers. At first I didn’t really like Night Letter or Only I Didn’t Know, but they slowly grew on me and I can feel IU’s sincerity in every line.

Not super impressed with the music this month, but IU will have to do for now. Next month is GD and TWICE, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Throwback song of the month: Sejeong’s Flower Road.

Until next time,



March Music Favorites

This month was a bit disappointing, but that’s okay because I feel like April will be a good one. The beginning of the month started pretty strong with:

Fingertip by Gfriend. I initially really liked the concept, but then the song got more and more annoying to listen to. It’s not as fresh as their previous songs.

A Girl Like Me by Gugudan. I really liked this song when I first heard it, and E.motion even got first place on the official group cover contest!

I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Aliee. I’m still listening to this one, and it seems like most of Korea is too as well.

Fox by Joy. I also really enjoyed I’m Okay, which featured actor Lee Hyun-woo, who is her co-star in the drama Lovely Love Lie. Currently my favorite airing drama.

-Recently I was watching Unnies Season 2, and I’ve been listening to Hong Jin-young’s songs again. Reading the lyrics to them give her songs so much meaning and listening to her backstory makes her a much more relatable person.

I actually lost the list I wrote for this month was completely erased on accident, so I don’t really have a comprehensive list.

It’s Spring Break and I don’t know how I’m still not done with Full House, a drama I started in the beginning of the week. It’s not like I did a lot of other things either…where did the time go..



I’ve become scared

I think I realized that hanging out with people who are so different from who you are is that I’ve gotten more scared of doing things. Things I usually wouldn’t hesitate to do, I know hesitate. I wonder, will people judge me? Sometimes I just do it before I get the chance to think about it, so that by the time I think about it, I’ve already done it. I’ve never been the kind of person that did things to get recognition from others, I mainly did things that I thought was the right thing for myself, which tended to align with what society thought was appropriate in a way. I think it’s important to challenge yourself, but what happens when you are not forced to do anything anymore. It scares me more than having a busy schedule.

Maybe everyone is just always conscious of themselves, but my mind has been in dramaland for so long that I forgot about the real world.

I haven’t written something legitimate for so long that it’s hard to come up with content to write about, even if it’s just my thoughts.

Late Night Posts

It’s a bit past 4am where I am right now and I feel anything but sleepy. March is coming to a close, and soon we will be welcoming back the bugs that came along with the warmer weather. I feel kind of sad, but mostly glad, that the temperature is finally returning and that school is coming to an end. I guess the thing I like best about blogging is that the purpose of each post is as much as you make it. I like how I have free reign over what I’m writing, how I’m able to control the words on the page and freely post this on a platform where anyone with the website title can read. This month has been a handful: super busy, but somehow keeping everything in check. College really matures you and makes you think in a different perspective and sometimes I wonder if I would be any different if I didn’t experience the things that I did in college. I wonder if I would be more willing to take risks and less afraid of what other people thought of me. College really makes you aware and self-conscious; it’s like that first time you come out of the cozy shell you’ve called home for the past 18 or so years, and faced living life straight on, with no support or help.

I don’t even know what I’m writing about…just a rant in the midst of exams, problem sets, and a heap of other stuff.



Songs I’m Listening To: Febuary 2017


I kind of want to do a monthly favorite music post from now on, because I think it’ll be interesting to see what came out and when.

  • In this month, Red Velvet released their new, “red” concept single titled Rookie. It is kind of weird when you first listen to it, but I can imagine it becoming another one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for a long time. (Update: I like this song a lot.)
  • I am still listening to Yes No Maybe by Suzy, which I really enjoy. Sadly, the rest of Korea doesn’t feel the same. Still really like Pretend a lot! I feel like I can relate to it the more I listen to it.
  • Also, still listening to the Goblin drama OST, because it’s so good! I feel like I’m in a movie when I listen to it. Love Stay With Me especially, and getting a little bit tired of the other songs at the moment.
  • Got into a Zion.T sort of phase; just mainly listening to his music while doing homework since I feel like I have barely enough time to do anything else. 🙂 It’s nice and relaxing. He also released OO, his new album, late January or early February I believe.
  • Love Is More Than Separation by Soyou and Junggigo. I actually like this song better than Some these days, because I haven’t heard it as much and I like the harmonies of their voices together.
  • So My First and Last by my current favorite boy “group”, NCT Dream, came out today (February 8th) and I love it so much!! It’s so happy and the music video is so quality.
  • Not K-pop, but I’ve been getting into TFBoys, especially since they remind me of NCT dream. Their songs are so peppy and a change from the normal Korean music that I always listen to.
  • Aliee’s song for the drama Goblin, I Will Go to You Like the First Snow, was really nice this month! When I felt overwhelmed or just tired from the day, I could just slowly walk back to my dorm listening to this song.
  • Taeyeon also came out with an album this month, but I haven’t gotten the chance to give it a proper listen, so I will have to do that sometime. Her single, Fine, isn’t really my jam at the moment, but I might grow to like it after a couple proper listens.
  • TWICE and BTS both came out this month, which was met with a lot of hype. I think these groups will really represent the trends of K-pop for a couple more years to come. Their songs Knock Knock and Not Today, respectively, are pretty good. I really liked Knock Knock at the first listen, but now that I’m learning the dance to it, I’m starting to like it less and less…And sadly I’m not a huge BTS fan.
  • I almost forgot about Soyou’s and Baekhyun’s duet, Rain. I was really anticipating this song! But sadly the chorus was a bit weird and something was missing in my opinion. Would still listen to this song though.
  • The last song I’ve been listening to is not a song that was recently released. It’s Jessica’s That Person, You. A friend from my Korean class suggested that song to me and I could really relate to the lyrics.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for the month of Feburary 2017! I actually really enjoyed doing this because I saw how long the month really was and how many songs were released that I enjoyed. I was actually surprised because I thought the month went by so quickly, but so many great songs were released. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to continue this series of “what is currently coming out/songs that I am currently enjoying”.




On: Sitting in class

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. “

-Pablo Picasso

Sometimes I sit in class and wonder if I’m even really sitting in class, grasping material, and doing assignments. I feel like I am so overwhelmed this semester with all of the classes I have to take and all the assignments they give out. On the bright side, I drink coffee a lot more these days.

I guess if you take a step back from all the work you have to do, it makes you wonder why you made your body get up at 8 in the morning, just to sit and listen to an old guy talk about words on a screen. If you can’t tell, I’m sitting in physics lecture, and the lecturer’s voice is sort of zoning out to the background; he’s currently talking about a styrofoam ball with sticks on it. I’m really confused and bored by the fact that our physics teacher keeps trying to show us stuff; I really need to start reading the textbook.

College really makes you a different person from the type of person. In high school I had so much time to waste on nonproductive things like YouTube and Dramafever.

Now my life feels like a train wreck. When your life feels like it’s falling apart, I sometimes like to think about it in another way. Think about your life as a story that has already been written and is just waiting for you to live it. When thinking from that third person point of view, it makes me feel more at ease (totally stole this from drama Another Oh Haeyoung).

This post was inspired by physics lecture and 2am desires to not shower. Never imagined how busy I would get these days.




Currently just another Friday after a barrage of assignments throughout the week. Too tired to even find a quote, maybe I’ll make my own today.

“Just keep going, only if you keep going will you be able to surpass your limit.”


So yeah, I’m pretty lazy right now because I have so much to get done and definitely not enough time. Going to try to relax for a bit, but meanwhile, here is a completely irrelevant post. I think it’s important to point out one’s flaws because if you don’t see them, then you can’t improve upon them.

I didn’t really think about my flaws until college because recently I’ve been regretting a lot of things I’ve been doing.

-brags too much (I feel like I got better at writing, but actually it was just in comparison to my 8th-grade self …)
-talks too loud (especially during times I shouldn’t be)
-wishy-washy (can’t really decide)
-makes things more dramatic/awkward than they need to be
-bad mindset sometimes
-doesn’t think much before talking, and regrets a lot afterwards
-don’t know when the line is crossed

good aspects
-relatively good at judging others
-kind, mannerly
-honest (relatively)
-funny (at least, to myself)
good aspects of myself from others:

I was kind of surprised that the few people I asked pointed out that I was enthusiastic when I feel very dead in college. It makes me feel happy that I can possibly make others feel energized as well.

I feel like I’ve compiled this list partially out of embarrassment and partially out of the need to improve on the aspects that aren’t positive. I feel like in college I’ve regretted a lot of things that have happened, but I haven’t had the time to regret upon those enough.


Here’s another quote relating to the music I’m currently listening to!

“Let’s not get sick” -Zion.T

Currently listening to Zion.T to study and it’s pretty efficient! I love his music, how it’s laid back, but lets the listener bop to the beat at the same time.




Coming Off Across As

Do you ever feel like you come across as someone different than you imagine yourself to be?

To hide my insecurities about how smart everyone is and how I need a ton of help from others just to do something, I feel like I push opportunities away. I know I just need to study and work hard, but that’s all I’m doing right now and nothing is working out for me. I don’t know if I should just ignore the situation or address it, but I feel like my life is simply too busy to sort anything out at the moment. I guess I never really realized how much of a mess my life was in until in physics I just started crying for no reason. I don’t know how my life got to this point in only one short week, but I tried to get involved on campus, and my course load has gotten much more difficult. I feel like everyone around me is doing fine and getting all their stuff done, while I’m just sitting here, suffering and not knowing what to do.

I feel like life is a test, a test of whether you can stand the challenges put up against you and survive. In a drama I watched in the past, Another Oh Hae-young, the quote “if you survive, you win,” was said by the male lead. Although this quote isn’t an ultimatum, I think it is very true when it comes to situations that are so hard and confusing that make you mentally lost.