On: Sitting in class

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. “

-Pablo Picasso

Sometimes I sit in class and wonder if I’m even really sitting in class, grasping material, and doing assignments. I feel like I am so overwhelmed this semester with all of the classes I have to take and all the assignments they give out. On the bright side, I drink coffee a lot more these days.

I guess if you take a step back from all the work you have to do, it makes you wonder why you made your body get up at 8 in the morning, just to sit and listen to an old guy talk about words on a screen. If you can’t tell, I’m sitting in physics lecture, and the lecturer’s voice is sort of zoning out to the background; he’s currently talking about a styrofoam ball with sticks on it. I’m really confused and bored by the fact that our physics teacher keeps trying to show us stuff; I really need to start reading the textbook.

College really makes you a different person from the type of person. In high school I had so much time to waste on nonproductive things like YouTube and Dramafever.

Now my life feels like a train wreck. When your life feels like it’s falling apart, I sometimes like to think about it in another way. Think about your life as a story that has already been written and is just waiting for you to live it. When thinking from that third person point of view, it makes me feel more at ease (totally stole this from drama Another Oh Haeyoung).

This post was inspired by physics lecture and 2am desires to not shower. Never imagined how busy I would get these days.




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